Food & Beverages

We don’t just offer culinary experiences; we make people feel as if they are traveling within their own imagination. This is what we call the universal language of food. Find out more about our restaurants.

Our Restaurants

When the first restaurant was opened, it didn’t take long before it became a huge success. We offered people a new and innovative way to enjoy culinary wonders like they had not experienced before. Our hard work was soon rewarded with a michelin star. Not many years later it became our mission to offer people unique culinary experiences in various segments, and as an answer to different needs. Thus we opened restaurants such as  Streetfood by Han, Restaurant Zheng, bib gourmand awarded Umami by Han, Umami Beijing, Red Chilli, and more. Each restaurant concept has its own way of enabling guests to experience a fusion between the East and Western world.


A bridge between the East and West.

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