Restaurant Zheng

Restaurant Zheng first started as the Michelin awarded restaurant ‘Hanting Cuisine’. However, for us it is about more than running a Michelin star awarded restaurant. We wanted to take the introduction of the Chinese culinary culture to the next level. Thus, we introduced Restaurant Zheng in 2018; a new concept based on healthy food, culture, art, and ancient ceremonies of the Chinese Empire.  At Zheng, we take guests to the Empire of China, where once, the day after New Year, key officials were invited to a lavish Zheng banquet. Inspired by this, we have created a place where guests can also experience this impressive spectacle. When enjoying a banquet, we serve our guests several chapters. Each chapter represents either a certain province, ceremony or other important aspects within Imperial Chinese culture. Zheng is one of the first restaurants in the Netherlands to combine an extensive tea assortment with matching dishes. A tea sommelier guides guests through the miraculous world of combining tea with food.